And so I feel compelled into the art of facing things- facing ourselves, each other and the unknown. It is something we cannot do without, for facing things is what courage, at is most fundamental level, is all about. Without this, we replay and pass our suffering on to others repeatedly...every time we face our own pain at being broken, we dissolve the heart’s need to relive the break.
— Mark Nepo


Some people have waited a long time and have suffered with something difficult, even becoming accustomed to discomfort or a painful experience before seeking help. Others  desire increased satisfaction with one or more areas of their life and are seeking understanding and an increased sense of wellbeing. 

While each person's circumstances may be unique there are many things we all have in common. Everyone wants a good life. And on some level we have all experienced pain, disappointment, hope, joy, fear, sadness and, at times, confusion among many other things that give shape and meaning to life. 

Whether you have a clear need in seeking counseling, such as a crisis, traumatic experience, or significant life change or a more subtle sense of wanting to experience greater fulfillment and satisfaction, counseling is a process of personal growth and healing. The counseling process is one path to doing this.