Confidentiality is the cornerstone of therapy. As such, great care is taken to protect your privacy. Confidentiality is strictly adhered to except in situations that involve a threat to life, abuse of a minor or an elder, or in other specific areas as defined by the law.  It is policy not release any information about clients without written authorization to do so.

Therapists frequently seek the professional consultation of other therapists as part of good practice. In this process, continued care is taken to maintain your confidentiality, ( For example, I may discuss an aspect of treatment yet the identity of that client remains confidential). 


My confidentiality policy, as well as other policies relative to the counseling process, can be found in detail in my intake paperwork that is e-mailed to clients prior to first session meeting and are discussed during the first therapy session and beyond. I welcome you to ask any questions, or share any concerns at anytime during the therapy process.


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